Here is a reference page to various links

Stream Flows

Washington State Area Map – Drill down to your stream from the state area map.

Washington State Stream Flows – This is a tabular presentation of the Washington state river stream flow sites.

Oregon State Stream Flows – This is a tabular presentation of the Oregon state river stream flow sites. 

Canadian Stream Flows – pick your province and then find your stream of interest. 


Washington Tides – Washington State Tides in monthly calendar format. You can also navigate to other coastal states for trip information. For Quick Links … Narrows Bridge Commencement Bay – Stillicum Waterway Steilacoom, Cormorant Passage

Fish Passage and status on Columbia River System Dams 

Fish Passage Center – gives weekly counts of fish passage through dams as migration up the Columbia river system occurs. A must for shad fishing at Bonneville Dam.

Data Access in Real Time for the Columbia River Basin – sponsored by the University of Washington. Includes modeling and forecasts, fish trap data, etc. 

State and Governmental Agencies 

Washington State Dept of Fish and Wildlife – Check this site for regulation changes, get your fishing license online, and sign up for e-mail delivery of rule changes and announcements.

Washington State Fish Stocking Information – This web page lists the fish stocking schedule for Washington State including the planting of Triploid fish. 

Washington State Sport Harvest Record – Ever wonder what happens to the punch card information? This data can be used to help plan your fishing outings. There are multiple years available for viewing. 

Washington State Steelhead Smolt Stocking – This page has information on the planting of steelhead smolts in Washington Rivers for both Summer and Winter run steelhead. From this page you can pick the year and see the efforts of the WDFW to supply hatchery reared steelhead.

Oregon Fishing Resources from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – this page contains the downloadable Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations pamphlet and links to lots of helpful information for fishing in Oregon State. 

Oregon Licenses – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife now has online licenses.

Idaho Dept of Fish and Game – This is the fishing section of the site. You may buy a license here and review the regulations. 

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks – this is the fishing section of the site. You may buy a license here and review the regulations. 

British Columbia, Canada Fish and Wildlife – this is the fishing section of the site – Licenses are now available online. 

Bureau of Land Management – Site for Washington and Oregon. Click on the Prineville district for specific information regarding regulations regarding floating the lower Deschutes River and the John Day Rivers. (go to the “Explore” button at the top of the page). 

BLM Maps – buy BLM maps for your area. Note that the “Lower Deschutes and John Day Rivers” have been combined into one map which isn’t reflected (as of this writing) on their site … buy one get both! You can also purchase CD-ROMs of the western states that contain the BLM information and allow you to upload waypoints and get GPS coordinates. 

Boaters Pass – Floating the lower Deschutes River? You need a boaters pass and can get one on-line. 

General Web site Links

Washington Fly Fishing – a bulletin board for washington fly fishing

West Fly – This site has good information about Oregon Fishing. 

Northwest Fishing Reports – website with information on Washington State lakes and more, including forums and fishing reports. 

Fly Anglers Online – This is a great informational site that contains quite a few fly patterns, see the fly of the week section. 

John Aqui’s WEBLOG – the Tacoma News tribune site for John Aqui’s fly fishing adventures. We enjoyed his presentation to our club in October 2005 about sea run cutthroat and resident silver salmon. Unfortunately the blog hasn’t been updated since December 2010 .. a useful archive however. 

Angling BC – Site dedicated to fishing in British Columbia with helpful patterns and fishing reports. 

Spey Pages – a bulletin board for Spey fisherman. Started by Dana Sturn. 

Organizational Links – Non Profit Organizations which help preserve our fisheries and environment

Fly Fishers International – our national organization.

Washington State Council of Fly Fishers International – our state organization.

Native Fish Society – A superb organization whose mandate is to help protect the native fish populations of the pacific northwest. Consider joining and supporting this organization. 

Wild Steelhead Coalition – An organization dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Wild Steelheaders United – Trout Unlimited branch of Steelhead Conservation and advocacy 

WaterWatch – WaterWatch protects and restores natural stream flows in Oregon rivers. This organization helps to make sure there is adequate stream flows in the rivers.

Western Rivers Conservancy – This organization helps preserve rivers in their natural state by purchasing land around the river, keeping it from development and allowing it to return to its native state. They have purchased land on the Hoh river in Washington state as well as the John Day river in Oregon. 

Other Fishing Information 

Washington State Shoreline Ariel photography – This state sponsored site shows ariel photographs of all the saltwater shoreline of washington state. Helpful for those saltwater excursions for cutthroat or salmon. 

Fishing Knot Sites Great For Boy Scout Merit Badge How to

The Ultimate Guide To Fishing Knots Hooks Bait And Lures