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Based out of Puyallup, Washington, Alpine Fly Fishers was organized in the spring of 1973 by some fly fishing enthusiasts who wanted more from the sport of fly fishing. The club now consists of approximately 50 individuals who usually meet regularly to promote and enjoy the great sport of fly fishing. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all meetings have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020 but we hope to start having meetings in the early portion of 2021.

The Club is a Charter club of Fly Fishers International and an active member of the Washington State Council Fly Fishers International. Two of our members serve on the WA State Council’s Board of Directors, Peter Maunsell and Larry Gibbs.

We are also a member of the FFI’s 1000 Stewards program. The funds raised by the FFI1K are vital to providing a solid foundation on which to continue to grow and expand our mission and to support:

-Spearheading projects that improve our fisheries and protect our fishing opportunities

-The FFI Learning Center’s wealth of fly fishing knowledge and resources

-Camaraderie among anglers built at our annual Expo and other events

We have a monthly Newsletter which covers some of the FFI’s Fly Tying Group’s Flies of the Month. The FFI website has a very large library of flies and how to tie them. A page on our newsletter is dedicated to the original newsletters that were published starting back in 1973. In addition, each month we have an article written by Stephen Neal called “Back of Beyond”. He tells a great story and is a dedicated conservationist.

Fly Fishers International (FFI) has been an organized voice for fly fishers around the world since 1964. We represent all aspects of fly fishing –from the art of fly tying and casting, to protection of the natural systems that support healthy fisheries and their habitats so essential to our sport. Today, our mission is to ensure the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters continues by focusing on conservation, education and a sense of community.

As stated, the Alpine Fly Fishers club is a Charter Club of Fly Fishers International. That means that everyone who belongs to our club must be an active member of the FFI. We charge no club dues instead we have raffles to obtain the funds we need which pay for our guest speakers and a few necessary bills. The raffles consist of a wide variety of fishing related items including rods, reels, lots of flies, fly tying tools and materials, some delicious home baked cakes and other items used by fly fishers. Our guest speakers are mostly from Washington and Oregon. They are connected in some way to either a fly shop, guide service or fly fishing expert. We give donations to Fly Fishers International, the Washington State Council FFI, Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery as well as some conservation related groups

2021 Officers

President Larry Gibbs 253-820-0475
Vice President Bob Alston 253-848-6884
Treasurer Arlene Christy 253-653-4716
Secretary Stephen Neal 559-977-7979
Webmaster Larry Gibbs 253-820-0475
Chilly/Director Guy Magno 253-831-0444
Program Coordinator Ron Zarges 253-653-5292